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Rosa Unia: M-end the gender war

Come, Beloved. Let's end the gender war once and for all. Let's feel the age long pain of separation, allow it one last cry and release it from our hearts. Come together in the realisation that we need each other. The Masculine is not toxic. The Feminine is not dark. The Father is benevolent. The Mother is loving. The Beloveds are United. Return, my love. Remember. We’re One. We’re in Love.


The Return of Magic

Women have lost the magic of their wombs and feminine ways. The Wisdom of the Womb is asleep, the power is hidden behind veils of what feels safe. Let's mend and awaken it, my love. Your magic is plentiful, unending and life giving.

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The Exalt of the Sword

Men have lost the strength and direction of their pillars and swords. Their able protection turned into violence in homes and countries. Or turned into weakness. Let's mend and awaken it, my love. Take back your power and use it with love.


The Nectar of Re-Union

The well of the Beloveds. When the King and Queen meet within, the being is in full radiance. Allow for the healing that has happened to magnetise the inner alchemy of sacred marriage. The Serpents meet within and open the door to Eternal Love.


"It was a beautiful and transformational experience moving deeply through the mother and sister wounds, releasing carrying the burdens of emotions from my lineage connecting to the abandonment wound, and the lifetimes of where my ancestors had abandoned their gifts. It was a profound healing session of reclaiming my power and activating greater levels of self worth and acceptance so I no longer feel like it is a danger to be seen in my power. Amia is a dear sister who holds such a safe and loving space, where all of your expression is welcome." 


"It was pure magic! I connected with another level of my existence on Earth! ❤"

"Amia Rosa is a miracle of a woman. She's the first HUMAN I find from whom purity, grace, aliveness flow. Working with her is pure magic, it's something I only imagined I could live in stories. Her meditations are alive. If you are like me, you find it hard to connect in meditation, it is difficult for you to feel the journey itself, I tell you that with her I broke all barriers of time and space.“

Raluca Oltița Rad, TRE facilitator

"Finally I enjoy sex with my husband."

Ioana, Psychotherapist

"For me, this program was truly revealing, it helped me to realize how foreign I was in my own House/Body. How numb, tired and drained my body was, dishonored and broken, because her rhythms were not listened to.

After so many years, I managed to bend my ear to my own depths. I managed to slow down and breathe consciously with every cell. I am learning self-love on a new level. I am the sacred Temple in which a sacred Woman lives."

Sarina Stan

"I struggled with depression my whole life. But during my session with Amia, it was as if a part of my soul had been returned to me—the part in me that is Joy. After the session, I was able to really choose me rather than choosing my childhood programming—by listening to Joy. The more I listened to joy, the more I committed to living a life for myself. After a month, I actually felt true-self love for what felt like the first time! I felt more awake and alive than I had ever felt in my life. Thank you Amia."
Siarra, Psychotherapist and Writer

"We remember that we are the creative element of this wonderful universe and we understand the power of healing through the womb.
As I'm writing to you, I'm crying for all the love I feel and all the beauty I've seen " 🙏🕊️

Andreea Crișan, Cranio-sacral therapist

"An experience of rebirth and divine manifestation of planting the seed in a nourishing environment for fulfilment. I received the beauty and cosmic power of being Woman 🌹" 


It was not men. It was not women.


There was a time when we were naturally powerful. A time when we knew ourselves as divine beings and acted as such. A time of telepathy, of alchemy and building through vision, sound and color. There was a time we intimately knew the elements and mastered them, moved them. There were times of peace and glory. Times of initiations and rituals in temples and pyramids. A time of communion with God and gods. Times of great art, great technology and great knowledge.


And then darkness settled on the Earth.


And men were told that the woman is to blame because she bit the forbidden apple and colluded with snakes. Because women seduce and lead a man’s consciousness astray. Because they are “impure and dangerous, puppets of the devil”.


And women felt men were to blame because they dominated, raped and started wars. Because they formalized the sacred and locked it away in their curches. Because they beat wives and burned women. Because they imposed their rhythm, ways and structures. Because they are “greedy and dangerous”.


The wrong sex. The other camp.


Here I am to tell you this: it was neither.


It was not men. It was not women.


It was something else.


Darkness fell over us both. Clouded and hurt us both.


Women lost the magic of their wombs and feminine ways. Their wisdom fell into submission or rebellion. Their voice was silenced.


Men lost the strength and direction of their pillars and swords. Their able protection turned into violence in homes and countries. Or turned into weakness.


Suffering multiplied itself on its own accord and forgetfullness settled. We separated more and more from beingness, from true power and divine free will. We gave in and fell asleep as if in trance. Domination ruled and tribute kept being paid to this day. Treated as slaves we still are.


It’s not men. It’s not women.


We’re in this together. We deeply need and love each other. None is better. None is to blame.  What happened was an effect. Learn, cry, scream, release, forgive and move forward in love. Let us rise together.

Let's MEND and END the gender war.


Women nurture, men act. Women magic, man protect. Hand in hand. We can see through the darkness and f**king wake up. Take our roles back, take our temples back, take our health back, reinstate wisdom and true education. You’re needed. We’re needed. Together.


It was not men. It was not women.


The gender war is a lie. There is no patriarchy and no matriarchy.


The Masculine is not toxic. The Feminine is not dark.


The Father is benevolent. The Mother is loving.


The Beloveds are United.


Remember, my love. We’re One. We’re in Love.

Will You Join Us?

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