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Aging reversed from the inside out

To inyouth is to let your body grow younger, regenerate, and repair itself on your template of radiant health. 

This in not anti-age. We’re not fighting or resisting aging.

We’re choosing and learning to manifest the desired body.

We’re renouncing the agreement that time causes our bodies to lose health and vitality.

We’re re-aligning with our original template of endless youth.

5 weeks program

A blend of science, metaphysics & feminine mystery

I am the vessel.jpg

Water Cleanse

Entering gate

This is mandatory pre-work to enter the portal.


You'll receive clear and precise guidance for an in depth colon cleanse that will clear your entire tract, expelling stagnant residues.


This will improve your vitality, discernment, sleep and appetite for life. It will enable you to balance your weight.

We'll bring the sacredness back into eating.

Deep Cellular Healing.jpg

Cellular re-programming

A blueprint of youth

Your body renews itself constantly on the template your mind provides. We’re going to alter the template to generate youth & vitality, instead of degradation.

Based on DNA rejuvenation bio-chemical process, for the discovery of which a Nobel has been awarded.

You will learn a deep meditation technique commanding your cells to regenerate.


Inner Spa

Feminine Ritual Initiation

You can feed, nurture and repair your body from the inside, alchemizing sexual energy into blissful rejuvenation.

Sexual energy is life giving and sustaining, our vitality Fuel. You'll learn to move it, raise it and explode it in your every cell.

This is a sacred temple ritual reconnecting you to the Goddess wisdom laying dormant in your body.



An inner shift into returning your own love

Inyouthing rises first from self-love. We'll understand this deeply and activate a new template of love, discipline and constant conscious practice for sustaining our body’s health.

We'll talk diet, supporting foods and remedies, daily habits, healthy cosmetics.


Aaand an inyouthing yoga routine. 

What's included

Image by Levi Guzman

5 3h Zoom calls

Weekly calls will last 3 hours and will happen on Saturday. Replays will be available. Unlimited access to all course materials and practices.


Weekly yoga practice

Every week during the program we'll have an open yoga practice, closing with the inyouthing meditation.

Image by Harli  Marten


Private group to connect, share, ask questions..



We remember that we are the creative element of this wonderful universe and we understand the power of healing through the womb.

​As I'm writing to you, I'm crying for all the love I feel and all the beauty I've seen 🙏🕊️

Andreea C.

The deck.png

I’ve always looked younger, and have countless stories of people guessing my age -10 years, being asked for an id, mistaken as a student and so on. It was everything from embarrassing to flattering.

I never questioned it nor gave it any serious thought. I felt and looked young. 

Something changed after I turned 30. I started feeling my skin and muscles lose firmness and flexibility. I felt a shift in my body that I recognized as aging. So this was happening, but the way I experienced it was up to me.

If you think about it, there are people you know that age beautifully, somehow keep their vitality, the spark in their eyes, their bodies health and flexibility. And there are some from whom time takes a heavier toll. Clearly there’s a spectrum. But what makes the difference?

Ever since childhood we hear this concept of aging and we take it on. We agree to it. Time makes our bodies first mature and then degrade and decay. But is that entirely true and unavoidable?

No. Our bodies regenerate regularly. Cells die and are replaced by new cells, blood regenerates, skin, even bones rebuild themselves. We get a new body on a regular basis - on the template the mind provides.

On top of that, there is an actual DNA rejuvenation bio-chemical process that happens in our bodies, for the discovery of which a Nobel has been awarded.

Besides the science, there are embodied examples (buddhist monks, spiritual masters, regular people) that look and act far younger than their advanced age. 

And above all, there’s the direct experience: the rejuvenation meditation. It feels like nothing else. A type of blissfulness I cannot put in words.

Fact is - growing younger IS possible.

I call it inyouthing. 

I’ve spent months downloading and perfecting a method that generates the shift and delivers the results. A new mental template, a regenerating vibrant body, longer happier life.

I’m opening the second Inyouth portal and I’m super excited, loving it and can barely wait. 

Reconnecting women to their inner radiant health, beauty and endless youth simply feels amazing and lights me up with tremendous joy.

If it lights you up as well, get in touch to book your spot.

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