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Feminine grace and sensuality

Beauty is medicine. It heals our heart's thirst for feminine love.

Come melt all false definitions of beauty that made you weary.


Come make peace with your body, love it so much that it softens in sensual bliss.


Come open the portal from your womb into your heart, breasts, and throat.

Come activate your voice, uncover your melody.


Come bask in awe, infuse all you touch with grace, creating ceremonial atmosphere all around.


Let's be glorious, majestic, and impossibly beautiful.


Let's remind this world how the Goddess is, for we are Her daughters and She lives in us.

The Goddess Way

Sacred Feminine Initiations

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Goddess of Love and Beauty

Reunite with the beloved Goddess of feminine beauty. Your heart remembers Her and longs for the freedom of being as you are; a luscious flow of creativity, joy, and a glow of inspiration and power.

Let her wash you in her holy waters, see yourself through her eyes, unlearn performative habits of appearing beautiful to please or belong. Cut all ties with worthiness and conditions to be valuable. Emerge from within, in your own way, your true way. Embodied, felt, real. You. The One.  

Quan Yin

Goddess of Compassion

Caress your body with endless compassion and acceptance. Make peace with every single "imperfection" your mind judges. Pour the nectar of love over your starved cells. Nurture, nurture, nurture. Bring kindness to all the wounds of external standards of beauty. End comparisons once and for all. Beauty is of us all. Rise in love with yourself again. 

Hathor - Queen of Heaven.jpg


Goddess of Heaven

Step in the temple again. Remember the old ways, the ways of your soul, the feminine ways. Remember ceremony, grace, ritual. Re-ignite your love for the sacred. Fill up so very much that you pour out love and beauty through every pore, through your every move and word. Bless all you touch with grace. Enchant every atmosphere with the veil of mystery, a secret infused in the air you breathe out - the Goddess is alive, here, now. Be the muse, the queen, the empresses, the mother of hearts, the Woman. 

Mother Earth Gaia, Goddess of the Earth by arijana1988 on DeviantArt.jpg


Goddess of Fertility

Descend deep into the Mother, let's rest in her caves once more, letting her heartbeat align to yours, letting your womb be washed, loved, basked in her luminous jade. Restore your views of yourself in our Mother's waters, wash away all debris, all lies. See yourself pristine, innocent, a holy daughter of Creation. Embrace your fertility, the mud, the dirt, the worms, the buzzing life of your wholeness. End the filtering of what is proper, what is pretty and acceptable. You're here to bloom, not to fit in. Embody it all. Let your new love of Beauty grow roots far, wide and immovable.



Goddess of ELife

Expand into proportions far beyond what you're accustomed to. Allow yourself to beam. No more restrictions, no more playing small, no more hiding. You are here to be seen as the Goddess embodied. The Mother of All Life shall melt your self-made cages for the Gift of You to radiate and be adored. Adorn yourself with the cloak of eternal dignity. Sit upon the throne, wear your crown, be the Queen of your Heart.

This portal is for You if you want to

♦️ rebirth your sense of self-worth

♦️ feel at ease in your body

♦️ enliven your inner fluidity, juice and spark

♦️ feel magnetic and inspire adoration

♦️ free your authentic voice

4 months program

Starting September 2023

Image by Hassan OUAJBIR

4 Transmission calls

Powerful and transformational meditations with the goddesses, activating the inner archetype.

Channeled by Amia

Image by Miguel Bautista

4 Voice activations

Open to the whole range you're capable of, uncovering the beauty and power of your throat. 
Led by Kendra

Image by Julia Caesar

4 Sensuality Practica

Breath, visualization and dance practice in women circle to enliven the inner juices and flow.

Led by Amia 

Bonus 1: Weekly self-practices to support your transformation

Bonus 2: Community safe space to share and be witnessed by sisters

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Voice Activation

Inside you is a voice ready to be heard. It is not only for those whom the world calls “talented.” Your voice is a beauty that is waiting to be unlocked. Explore the highs and lows of your feminine call. Find both the howling beast and crystalline angel through the frequencies released from your throat as your sound is amplified by every part of your body. Your divine feminine expression is a song this world is waiting to hear. Discover it and sing your siren song.


Sensuality practica

We'll use breath as a conduit for embodiment, you'll get feminine practices meant to deepen your connection with your womb, your breasts, you fluidity. You'll be guided through exercises uncovering limiting beliefs, shedding them one by one. You'll get to love your body, to caress it, to sway and dance. From the comfort of your own space, while held in the circle of sisters.

Dates and times

Live sessions will happen on Saturday 8pm Bali time, 3pm Romania time, 8am New York

1 week/month we'll pause for integration

Image by Michael


Sep 30 - Aphrodite

Oct 28 - Quan Yin

Nov 25 - Hathor

Dec 26 - Isis

Image by Mariem MALKI

Voice activations

Oct 7

Nov 4

Dec 9

Jan 6

Image by nousnou iwasaki

Sensuality Practica

Oct 14

Nov 11

Dec 16

Jan 13


one time


Pay in advance. Save 20€

4 payments of


pay monthly: sep, oct, nov, dec

What women say
about Amia's work

"I feel very much inspired, grateful and softer, yet courageous in a way I haven’t felt before. What I liked most was the very beautiful way Amia is explaining and guiding the meditations. I also liked the format, the meeting with each godess in a specific order has supported my healing, connecting closer and closer with my divine feminine. I have felt very trustful in the group. I am way more joyful!! Feels like a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I have also physically lost a few kilos, which was the intention when starting. It also brought me structure and confidence in my own gifts."

Valentina Toi

"It was pure magic! I connected with another level of my existence on Earth! ❤"

"Amia Rosa is a miracle of a woman. She's the first HUMAN I find from whom purity, grace, aliveness flow. Working with her is pure magic, it's something I only imagined I could live in stories. Her meditations are alive. If you are like me, you find it hard to connect in meditation, it is difficult for you to feel the journey itself, I tell you that with her I broke all barriers of time and space.“

Raluca Oltița Rad, TRE facilitator

"Finally I enjoy sex with my husband."

Ioana, Psychotherapist

"For me, this program was truly revealing, it helped me to realize how foreign I was in my own House/Body. How numb, tired and drained my body was, dishonored and broken, because her rhythms were not listened to.

After so many years, I managed to bend my ear to my own depths. I managed to slow down and breathe consciously with every cell. I am learning self-love on a new level. I am the sacred Temple in which a sacred Woman lives."

Sarina Stan

"I struggled with depression my whole life. But during my session with Amia, it was as if a part of my soul had been returned to me—the part in me that is Joy. After the session, I was able to really choose me rather than choosing my childhood programming—by listening to Joy. The more I listened to joy, the more I committed to living a life for myself. After a month, I actually felt true-self love for what felt like the first time! I felt more awake and alive than I had ever felt in my life. Thank you Amia."
Siarra, Psychotherapist and Writer

"We remember that we are the creative element of this wonderful universe and we understand the power of healing through the womb.
As I'm writing to you, I'm crying for all the love I feel and all the beauty I've seen " 🙏🕊️

Andreea Crișan, Cranio-sacral therapist

"An experience of rebirth and divine manifestation of planting the seed in a nourishing environment for fulfilment. I received the beauty and cosmic power of being Woman 🌹" 


What women say
about Kendra's work

"Kendra holds a loving heart space to enable everybody to access their voice. Through fun warm-up techniques to sharing the most beautiful worded songs she has channeled through - what a gift . 

It's a wonderful space to open up share receive and heal any woundings you may have around being good enough to be in your heart's song and start to share your voice with the world. ✨"


"In Women’s Voices I deeply experienced the essence of the Love Goddess song that Kendra created. I felt empowered to choose words in the song I continue to sing in my mind and out aloud as a mantra to make deeper connection with self and others." 


"Singing lessons with Kendra are my first 1:1 vocal coaching experience. My motivation was to learn how to consciously use my voice as well as to overcome the fear of singing in front of others and I couldn’t have wished for a better teacher to help me with that. Kendra creates a very safe space to explore and discover my voice. She pushes me out of my comfort zone while also intuitively sensing what would be too overwhelming. She is giving me the feeling that no sound is wrong or awkward which helps a lot with letting go of the fear of doing it wrong. I’m finally enjoying singing in a playful and explorative way as well as learning a lot about the mechanisms of my voice. Thanks for being such an amazing, knowledgeable, intuitive and empathetic teacher."

Silke, Photographer

"Kendra has taken my voice to whole new levels, providing a safe space to unearth limiting beliefs and childhood trauma around being told I can't sing. With her I understood what it means to allow sound to vibrate in my entire body, experiencing the whole range of my powerful voice. I love her deeply!"

Amia, Healer

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