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return to be nurtured

Regardless of how your mother treated you.

If she was present or not, if she loved you or not,

if she wanted you or not, if she nurtured you or not,

if you could trust her or she betrayed you,

if she was kind or she hurt you,

if she caressed you or ignored you,

if she was able to truly see you or not,

if she’s still with you or you miss her deeply, if you love her or not…

Please know that you have a Mother waiting to embrace you once more and to love you fully. You are the Great Mother’s child and She is here.

And she CAN give you everything you always needed from your own mother and did not fully receive and she WILL mend it all, if you let her.

It's time to heal the mother wound and return to Her.

A portal for the miracle to come through

3 weeks online program

the womb portal-6.png

Mother Earth holding you

Take your place as a daughter and son of Earth

Find your place at the blossom of the Mother, amongst your kin.

Fed, nurtured, guarded, supported.

Rest as she cradles your mind, melting your worries and the separation you've been living in. Nursing you with pure love.

Restore as she awakens your body with life force, activating you, feeding you, mending the aches and the pains.

Remember yourself as she washes away all that is not you and she lights up your soul in the pristine pool of her womb. 

Rise as a daughter and son of Mama Earth.


the womb portal-2_edited.jpg

Mother Mary in your heart

Awaken the Inner Mother

We cradle the heart and the emotions. We bring ease, solace, mending.

What if you could gain full acces to the mother's love and have it available within at all times? To soothe your mind and the parts that hurt, the parts that are lost and afraid and agitated and hurting. What if you could cradle the pain in a loving mother’s arms and mend it? What if you could let go and be safe and be at ease?

Receive the love of Mother Mary as she awakens your Inner Mother and capacity to hold your inner child in all permeating love as she breathes the pain away.

the womb portal-9.png

Mother of all Life loving you 

Receive your miracle

Your mother, the eternal mother of all life has returned. She is here and her arms are open to hold you, nurture you, see you, to hear you, protect you, give you her word and respect it, to encourage you, to watch you from a distance far enough so you have space, close enough so you never miss her again. 

Feel her touch taking away the heavy burdens you carry, as you expand far and wide to the edges of who you truly are, who you've always been. 

She knows you like yourself because she birthed you with life as she birthed everything else. She’s Creation itself, Life itself and the truth is she loves you.


I've made this low enough so all of you can join 

and high enough so you treat it seriously.

What's included

Silhouette with Mountains

3 Zoom live calls

Weekly calls will last 2 hours and will happen on Sundays, 8pm Bali time, 2 pm Romania time.

Replays will be available.

Image by Harli  Marten


Private group to connect, share, receive loving support and inspiration, ask questions.


“Amia Rosa is a miracle of a woman. She's the first HUMAN I find from whom purity, grace, aliveness flow. Working with her is pure magic, it's something I only imagined I could live in stories. Her meditations are alive. If you are like me, you find it hard to connect in meditation, it is difficult for you to feel the journey itself, I tell you that with her I broke all barriers of time and space.

Raluca Oltița Rad


I’ve reached the conclusion that there are 3 ways to healing and I’m finally admitting where my genius lies. 

These are like steps, all are needed.


The first is the somatic work. Practices like yoga, TRE, qi-gong, dance, deep tissue massage, cranio sacral therapy, etc. They all work on the body, releasing trauma and stuck energy to create more freedom.


The second is psychological. Therapy, inner work, shadow integration work, inner child, etc. These all work with the psyche, untieing the knots of pain to create more freedom.


The third is the miracle. 


I borrowed this expression from one of my mentors, she called it like this and I felt such a relief. Yes, that’s exactly what it is. This comes when you’ve done the above for the longest time and you’ve progressed up to a point, yet it’s still hard, it still hasn’t moved and you can barely keep on trying. This comes when you lay down the weapons and leave it up to God.


It’s when the unexplainable happens, when you feel a divine hand simply taking the pain away, lifting you from that perspective, into a new consciousness where there’s joy and possibility. It feels like a leap, like a rebirth. And you get to discover a new you.


I’ve had numerous of these experiences, some as pure gifts from life. And many created, generated. I’ve discovered that the miracle too can be summoned. 


For the longest time, I tried to include all 3 in my programs or retreats. Because I know so well that they depend on each other, that you can’t skip any of them. You need to release it from your body, you need to release it from your emotions & beliefs and you need to lift your spirit. I incorporated all and it was great, yet… 


If I am fully honest about what flows with utter grace, what feels lightest and most natural to me 


My true brilliance, my genius is bringing the miracle. 


This is so hard to admit and to speak on, because who I am to say I can facilitate that for others… well…

I am and I do and I have to tell you, that’s all I know…


The miracle comes when the soul is ready and not one minute sooner, because it’s that powerful.


The soul is ready when the decision to fully move on has been made.


It comes with raising the consciousness to a high enough altitude that a higher presence can come through. It can be source or it can be a guide, an angel, a goddess… And it simply lifts the burden you’ve been carrying for ages like it’s a feather. And it simply shows you a new way, like it was there all along. And you finally understand and you finally can and you’re finally free.


For the first time, I open a portal where I bring ONLY the miracle.


This is for those that have done the work and are still stuck. Or for those who burn with Yes in their hearts and take the responsibility to sit with what is brought to the surface in the body and psyche afterwards. It is not an instant cure-all pill. It is for adults who take responsibility for the due diligence.


The portal is Mother. And we will bring healing to the mother wound. And you will be nurtured, cradled, mended and you’ll find your way back in her arms. If I have one message for my entire life it’s this: the Mother has returned, She’s here for you.


I got tears and goosebumps when I felt into the first meditation. It will be DEEP.


If you are ready, you are ready.


I’ve put it in “structure” and words on this page. You’ll find all the details here for your mind. But the decision is the soul’s.


It is also the first program that is open to both women and men. This is how the inspiration came and I’m happy to welcome all humans with pure intentions that feel called.


I am here. I love you.

See you inside. 

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