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the call of the deep

Enough time spent in the cage of your own mind, enough time restricted, straining life.

Afraid to get it wrong, to fail, to miss the mark, that one perfect life scenario that is set for you that you cannot afford to miss. You can afford it all. The true arrow will never miss.

Come, let's take a run through the forest of your true nature, your bravery and honest self. No, you’re not perfect, far from it. And who is? No more good girl, no more control, imposing your ideas on life. You were never meant to fit boxes, not even your own, nor to follow directions or ideals blindly and quietly. You are here for a reason and your feet are burning, your wings are tingling, your heart is beating. They want free. Running, flying, aiming and firing up your Wild.

Wild does not mean rebellious, it does not oppose something else. Wild means natural, raw, free. Wild means You as you’re yearning to be.


The dark feminine is the one who remembers herself whole and will visit any and every part of her inner realm and bring herself home. Call it bravery, call it resilience, call it devotion…

whatever inspires you to

Reign yourself. Whole. Beaming. Wild.

A portal for your inner freedom

12 weeks online program


La Creatura

Meet your Wild

Feel your thighs and pulsing flesh. Breathe yourself in. Sway out. That’s it. The fury, the heat, the life. You are animal still. In body, blood, sweat, in bones, in moisture and growl. Meet your teeth, your claws, let the wild creature inside resurrect. Hear her needs, her hunger, learn how she protects herself, how she hunts. Open the lock to the dungeon and let Her out. It's safe. It's time. 

Inanna's Descent — Sandy Ibrahim.png


The courage to descend in the underworld

The mystery is half in darkness. It’s what you don’t see that lures you in. Go in. Visit your self. Descend in your underworld and meet the one you are, uncovered, unearthed, revealed. See all and approve. This one life you live. Power is freedom. Is leading with flesh and heart. The only way to conquer life is to become it.



Free the eros

Wild is free, undomesticated.

You become domesticated when you abandon parts of yourself and make them wrong. Exile them in a corner that you never visit, because it’s too dark and it smells bad and it feels awkward. Fear, shame, guilt and the sorts. It’s stuck energy, stuck power, given away due to a borrowed belief. Every time you do that, you have less to operate from.

See it all, all the desires you judge, all you label as wrong. Let it exist. Rise up as equal, unyielding, unapologetic.


Walk into the fire

Your pain is a diamond. Let it sing its tales, stroll along its dark valleys and see what is there, let it be a part of you.
Scream it, laugh it, yawn and cough it out. Let it be seen and heard and moved. Let it be lived.
Look upon your limits, your constrains, the thread of pain that keeps dragging you back, the habits that hide and avoid the hole in your chest. Gather them all and bring them to the fire. Let death be. Let the worms eat what is dead and make it food for the soil of new life. 



Free to aim

There is no mistake. There is life. There are expectations of how the story would unfold to be correct and there is messy wild life with its own will and wisdom. A step that you judge as offroad, might be a step back to you. A run through the forest of your true nature, your bravery and honest self. There’s no pretend order in the wild forest. Nothing is weeded out and prettied up. There is natural order, a different kind. The savage has its own rules. In flow with life.

Rise your arrow up, aim and let life deliver the feast.

Assisting in Anchoring the Goddess Light By Goddess Isis and Goddess Hathor – LIGHTGRID -


Time to fly

Rise up high. Spread your wings and be, as giant as you are, as powerful as you are. You've collected your self back, this is the time to celebrate. To welcome in more life. To ignite your gifts. Dance and swirl and be as beautiful, as mysterious, as majestic as your heart wishes. Be the medicine, the art, the song. Embody your Self, the Goddess Self, the elevated, the knowing, the potent. You're magic, show it, shine it. Serve Life.

We start May 6th

Silhouette with Mountains

6 Portal sessions

Portal calls will happen every other Saturday, will last 2 hours, from 3pm Bali time, 10am Romania time. Replay available.

Image by Javier Allegue Barros

6 Practica sessions

Practica sessions will happen every other week, in between portal calls and will include sitting and dancing with emotions and our shadows. No recording.

Image by Harli  Marten

Community & pace

Private group to connect, share, receive loving support and ask questions. You'll receive weekly prompts for a simple daily practice to ignite your Wild.


“Amia Rosa is a miracle of a woman. She's the first HUMAN I find from whom purity, grace, aliveness flow. Working with her is pure magic, it's something I only imagined I could live in stories. Her meditations are alive. If you are like me, you find it hard to connect in meditation, it is difficult for you to feel the journey itself, I tell you that with her I broke all barriers of time and space.

Raluca Oltița Rad


I remember vividly 7 years ago, the first time I felt my wings. I was in a relationship with a good man I could’ve built a life with, I had a successful career, I was travelling, I painted and wrote poems, life was more than fine. And yet I was restless. Something was itching inside my shoulder blades, wanting to be let out. I felt the soles of my feet burning up, asking to move. I felt my lungs chained and wanting to expand. I kept dreaming a bird in a cage inside my chest, begging for freedom. But why, where, how? It took me a year to decode and decide. In the meantime I got more and more tired. My soul was exhausted of a plain existance. I couldn’t rest, I couldn’t focus, I couldn’t live. My heart started racing for no reason. One day, I felt my wings burst open. Out of the blue. It was the most natural feeling. I heard their cry, their call: “We’re meant for something else, they said. Let us loose, let us be. We’re made of love and power. We need air.” This is a fine life, I thought, but it’s not mine. Not knowing what it was, I still recognized the voice as me, more me than I was. I listened deeply, I took any whisper and turned it into poetry so I could read it over and over and maybe one day summon up courage. And I did. I packed a bag and gone I was. No real explanation. Never looked back.

My wings are freely spread now and we’re deeply in love, I’m devoted to nothing else but the call of my deep. Maybe you’ve heard it too. And maybe you have a fine life too. Are you here to go on or are you here to be alive? To burn and burst and give it all, bet it all on yourself, no matter what it takes and who you have to say no to and where you need to head (heart)?

I remember vividly when I finally slipped my fingers in the jar of inner bliss in meditation. I was desperate to know who I am, beyond all this. I told God: you either show me or I die. There is no way I’ll go on living a half life. Five days I prayed like this: show me truth or take me in this next breath. I meant it. Oh how I meant it. I wasn’t unhappy, all the contrary, I was living the life on a tropical island. But I didn’t care. I knew that still wasn’t it. There was sometthing beyond bliss. I HAD to know who I am deep at the core.

And I was shown. I became life itself and I finally understood.

I’ve prayed like that many times. And every single time life responded. I asked for the way, the way appereared. I asked for the mentor, the mentor appeared. I asked for the next level, what I knew dissapeared.

I listened and I went. Kept listening, kept letting the deep lead me, take me, move me, guide me to my fullness. I live my thirst, the deepest truth of my longing cries out to God my inner desire for reunion, for rememberance, for reigning myself again. I howl to the moon until I am answered and shown, until I know. I am steadfast, as innevitable as an arrow already shot.

I am who I am and I can’t be contained in a jar of a domesticated life. I shall only live in truth. This one life I am. Raw, wild, full. I’ve got me, now and always.


Hear the call of your deep. Join me in an immersive journey back to You.

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