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Nov 20, 2021 - Dec 4, 2021


Aging reversed from the inside out To inyouth is to let your body grow younger, regenerate, and repair itself on your template of radiant health Deep Colon Cleanse - entering gate (shanka prakshalana) Mind de-programing: your body renews itself constantly on the template your mind provides. We’re going to alter the template to generate youth & vitality, instead of degradation Inner Spa: you can feed, nurture and repair your DNA from the inside, alchemizing sexual energy into blissful rejuvenation Outer care: inyouthing needs discipline & constant conscious practice of sustaining your body’s health A blend of science, metaphysics, yogic & shamanic healing. This in not anti-age. We’re not fighting or resisting aging. We’re simply choosing and learning to manifest the desired body. We’re renouncing the agreement that time causes our bodies to lose health, vitality, flexibility and radiance. We’re re-aligning with our original templates of endless youth. You have to be open and ready. Open to re-program your mind, open in your body to deeply relax in receptivity, in tune with your senses and sexual energy. Ready to shift and ready to follow thru with the lifestyle changes required. Above all, ready to sacrifice toxicity in your life for youthful health.

RON 999.00

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